They’re – There – Their

Those three words misused on social media drives me around the virtual bend.   Not just casual crazy but almost to the point I want to give someone a Blackberry beat down or an iPhone interrogation to educate them on the finer points of grammar in texts or emails.

Now I’m not saying that they weren’t taught the finer points of it in school, just that chances are they were too busy lolcoptering around the internet on their phones to even care that day or week.

You might say that it’s a moot point.  That this sort of error can’t really hurt anyone.


So let’s put this into perspective with a real world example showing what happens when bad grammar leads to miscommunication in modern social media.  The Tragic Tale of Johnny Q. Public.

What happens when little Johnny, or J0#n69 as he calls himself online (I apologize if there’s a real J0#n69 out there) has his friends pizza money stolen by a group of bullies.  Ego bruised, clothes dirty he chokes back his tears and decides to round up some friends to go kick their butts to get the money back.  He turns to social media and does a mass text to his friends telling him of his plight.  He types in his message and hits send knowing help is on the way.

What he doesn’t realize is that his not paying attention in class just cost him dearly.  That instead of texting to his friends that “they’re going to have to go there to fight that gang for their stuff” he instead has typed in “Their going to have to go their to get their stuff” only to realize his friends think he’s got it handled.  J0hn69 has just shown up alone at the destination and now has to fight the bullies by himself.

Maybe six weeks of intensive care will teach Johnny to pay attention next time in English Class.  Hopefully his painful example shows you the importance in taking more care in choosing the correct word (they’re, their, there) when you input your various texts – after all it could save your life some day.



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