Finding the Best in Your Town/City

Sometimes life sends you to interesting places and sometimes it sends you to the middle of nowhere.  That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to appreciate while you’re there in that town that time forgot.  After all every town has some secret spot or bit of history that makes it interesting.

Right now I find myself in a small city called Belleville.  Located in the south eastern part of Ontario (Canada) on the Bay of Quinte the first thing that pops into your head is most likely “Where the heck is that?”.  Now don’t feel bad about thinking it because that is the usual response I hear from people who come here to work or attend school.  If they don’t say it themselves they have friends who do, giving the town that stigma when they say “how can you survive in that town in the middle of nowhere?”.  Over time, without looking around, they start to believe it.

The truth is that Belleville isn’t in the middle of nowhere, it’s in the middle of EVERYTHING.  A hub city the surrounding area offers everything from beaches and boating, jazz festivals, wineries to native culture and a lot of small art galleries.  You can find fresh food from in the farmers markets showcasing the great farming communities nearby and get everything from Ivanhoe Cheese, fresh Stirling butter or curd from Reid’s Dairy.   There’s ice fishing and skating in the winter, car racing in the summer.   There is a lot of things you can do if you take the time to become a tourist in your town, even if you’ve lived there all your life.

This goes for any town and not just here in Belleville.  Take the time and show someone what makes your town special.  You could rebrand your town from being in the middle of nowhere to being the centre of everything by simply taking a few minutes and spreading the word about what makes your town, village or city awesome.  Then your town could be the biggest thing around.


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