It’s Not a Perfect Day

It’s not a perfect day.  Honestly i think i’ll go drink some Sangria in the park.  And then later when it gets dark, i’ll go home.

It’s not a perfect day.  Wish I could cheer myself up and feed animals in the zoo.  Then later catch a movie too and then home.

It’s not a perfect day.  Since we won’t get to spend it with you.  Oh, such a lousy day.  Your songs keep us hanging on.  Your songs keep me hanging on.

I just heard the news of the passing of Lou Reed and the first image that popped into my head was of a younger version of myself sitting in Buen Retiro Park in Madrid (Spain) drinking sangria and feeding the birds.  I remember it like it was only yesterday.  It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon and for the first time in over a week of hectic backpacking and city exploration I was finally taking the time to relax and let loose the sloth in me.  I had just put my old battered .mp3 player away so I could enjoy the sights and sounds of Spain as hundreds of likeminded people took a breather from their hectic everyday lives to enjoy their own Sangria and packed picnic lunches.  Couples kissed.  People sunbathed on the stone stairs at the water’s edge of the Monument to Alfonso XII.  It was almost magical.

A smile crept onto my face when, out of nowhere, I suddenly found myself quietly singing Perfect Day in that park as I watched the world work its wonder around me.  For those brief moments his words made me forget myself and have fun.

It was a good day and one I will always remember.

Rest in Peace Lou Reed.  Your contribution to music will never be forgotten.

lou reed


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