Why Decorative Lights Don’t Spread the Joy of Christmas

While they are beautiful to look at and give each home owner a sense of pride and that faux Christmas spirit, do they really spread the joy of the season?  Or could the money be better spent elsewhere?

What if instead of hanging those lights, you took the electricity costs and money spent replacing bulbs and instead put it toward doing good in your home town or the world?  What if you fed and bought clothes for children in need?  

Wired magazine stated last year that homes in the U.S. spent $233 million to power the lights on their Christmas trees alone!  That money alone could have fed every hungry mouth in North America.  Plus that is not even including the costs involved in powering your house decorations.  With the ever growing number of children hungry in the United States, not counting up here in Canada, wouldn’t it be the smart and generous decision to put that money to a better use?

Wouldn’t you rather your children know that instead of a glowing strings of lights decorating your house that you were helping other children eat well, have warm clothes for the cold months and a roof over their head?

So instead of putting a thousand shining points of light on your house this season, why not instead build a small lit sign on your front lawn showing your neighbourhood how your family has decided to opt out of the Christmas light rat race and instead wants to truly help make the world a better place.  Take the time and decorate the sign with your kids.  Put up stockings to show the number of families that your donations have helped.  Or take it to the next level and organize a neighbourhood nativity of Santa surrounded by images of elves for each child your neighbourhood will keep fed for the next year.

Be that role model for your children and be the guardian angel to those kids who can’t help themselves.  Teach them the true meaning of Christmas and maybe next year they’ll surprise you by asking for ways to help others instead of the latest gadget.

It’s a simple change that means less work for you setting up lights every year, a better bonding experience with your family and makes you the trendsetter in your neighbourhood.  So look at the statistics below and make up your mind to help eliminate hunger in your country today!



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